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Saturday, 14 December 2013

NOTICE: Peace Foundation offers Free Coaching for Staff Selection Commissions (SSCs) andd Railway Recruitment Boards (RRBs)


PEACE FOUNDATION, PATNA has announced merit-cum-means Scholarship to the minority students who are aspirants of Staff Selection Commissions (SSCs) andd Railway Recruitment Boards (RRBs) etc. 
Thousands of vacancies are filled up every year for different posts through competitive examinations conducted by Staff Selection Commissions (SSCs), Railway Recruitment Boards (RRBs) etc.  The loan is to be refunded in easy instalments for the future needy students of the society. In order to groom the selected candidates for these competitive examinations they will be admitted to the premier coaching centres in PATNA and will also be provided free study materials.  The selection of candidates will be done through basic screening test and interview.

The application form can be obtained by e-mail or by hand from the Foundation’s office.  

The address of the Foundation is given below:

A/21, Alinagar Colony, Behind S.B.I.,
Anisabad, Patna – 800 002,
E-mail ID –
Contact Nos. – 8804832789, 9431879346, 9430831832

M Naushad Ansari
Gen. Secretary,
Peace Foundation, Patna

NOTE: Candidates can also download the application forms from below images. Right click on the images and download the three pages of application form.

Page I
Page II
Page III

Friday, 8 November 2013

Job! Central Unversity of Bihar (CUB) invites application for faculty positions


Employment Notice No, - CUB/22/Faculty/2013 dated 1st November, 2013 (Appointment for Faculty Positions)

Central University of Bihar (CUB) - a Central University established by Act 2009 is calling applications for the Professors, Associate Professors and Assistant Professros in various streams for its Gaya campus. The duly filled in application form, complete in all respect along with required fee must reach the office of the Registrar, Central University of Bihar, BIT Campus, P.O.: B.V.College, Patna - 800014 on or before 30th November, 2013 through Speed Post / Registered post only.

For details see the below information

Monday, 22 July 2013

Notification for Bihar Diploma Certificate Entrance Competitive Examination (D.C.E.C.E) 2013

The controller examination Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive Examination Board has issued fresh notification for admission in diploma / certificate courses. The tests will be conducted on pre-declared dates 27th July, 2013 and 28th July, 2013 at various centres from 11 AM to 1:15 PM (first sitting) and 2:00 Pm to 4:15 Pm (second-sitting) both days.


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Concern! Private institutions run nexus in the name of professional courses, leaving students paralysed

A couple of days back I was busy in taking interviews for the sales executive position in my organization. The HR had called ten candidates for a couple of vacancies for the interview. However, while taking interviews as usual like earlier I became restless by seeing the qualification of candidates. Out of 10 candidates 6 were MBA qualified and rest were having B.Tech qualification from private colleges Mangalam Institute, Jaipuria Institute of Management, etc. Most of the candidates were either looking for a break or working with some companies in profiles not related to their qualification. I came across very disappointing instances while taking the interviews.

Let me start with the personality of the candidates, it was quite Ok. But all were not having the upto the mark dress sense, I didn’t give much attention to this point. Further I moved to resumes of candidates, out of 10 only two were having proper resumes. Rest candidates were having very bad resumes with spelling mistakes, not proper fonts of words and details were not typed in proper order. 

My seven years association with corporate world has made me well versed with job requirements and priorities given by the recruiters. Of course, selecting the right candidate for the company’s profile was my priority but I thought to give a lesson to candidates who were not having suitable qualification for the profile and having other shortcomings. 

I went heavily against the B.Tech qualified students in a friendly way and told them why they have come for interview. The answer was common from all that they are jobless and badly need a break to earn money. When I asked them, what is the benefit of working in profile of Sales executive if you are having B.Tech degree. A totally illogical answer was given by the candidates that after few months they will switch over the job once they will get the job opportunity related to Bachelor of Technology. I was shocked with their logic and clearly told them that I am not going to select them. But at the meantime I consoled them in proper way and had motivated them to have patience and join a job related to their profile.

Similarly, the MBA qualified was not having good communication skills and they were not at all confident while going through interview. There overall presentation was not good and there was no point to select them on professional ground. Reason, all were having MBA degrees from private institutions and they were not groomed up properly. Neither they have got campus selection after spending between 5 lakh to 6 lakh as fees. On the whole, they were totally anxious about their career and not sure what to do next, and how to proceed ahead their lives. 

I was quite shocked and disturbed as well over the nexus of private institutions offering MBA, B.Tech and other professional courses. By charging the fees in lakhs the institutions leave the students at cross-roads and the major corporate groups and reputes companies never give opportunity to such students. The main reason behind such private institutions nexus is the negligence attitude of government and education ministry. These private institutions are given recognition by UGC (University Grant Commission) without fulfilling the criteria. 

I have launched a debate on Facebook and came across a variety of opinions (views). I am sharing those bunch of feedback below.

Was taking interviews for Sales Executive position in my team. Oh my God lots of MBA and B.Tech turned up for interview but most of them were having issues like lack of confidence, bad communication skills and most important no any goal (target) in life.....Almost all the candidates were having MBA or B.Tech degrees from Private institutes but they were not fulfilling event the basic requirements......Why the govt (MHRD) is giving 'No Objection' to such institutes that are doing only making and playing with the career of India's youth.......
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  • Athar Saba I am getting 10-15 Resumes on daily basis same candidates lack of confidence, comms, goal but having degree such a foolish education system.
  • Amim Ahmad Md Mudassir Alam : I enjoy every day with such folks even with experience ones:) Now a days people are investing in education for the sake of Money .Education has become a business...There is a huge GAP between colleges and Industry..only a good teacher will able to show the right path.I will suggest colleges to follow a strong staff selection process or shut down the shop. Playing with the future of students is against the humanity as well as with nation.
  • Athar Saba No i didn't enjoy such moment but it is very pathetic ...
  • Amim Ahmad Athar Saba : Me too Athar bhai...Lets guide them at least. Lets be as interviewer cum Mentor for them....I always suggest them and bring their bottlenecks in-front.
  • Athar Saba Yeah that is what we can do ...
  • Md Mudassir Alam Amit Ahmad and Athar Saba I too guide them and motivate them by sharing my experience...
  • Amim Ahmad @ I know you are a great motivator and mentor .....By the way nice to see my new name Amit Ahmad :-D
  • Hasan Reza Kifayti Exactly Right 80% people Doing engineering and M.B.A only for Namesake In Their Locality or for Their Fathers Prestige.

    Taaki Biradari Mein naam Maintain Rahe.
    But They Dont Know What The Reality Is!
    Monday at 5:06pm via mobile · Unlike · 2
  • Amim Ahmad @hasan Reza : Hasan bhai , I am less agreed on your comment. Jo dikhta hei wah biktaa hei !!! I mean to say,people are not completely aware of the different verticals and scope of Education. How many of us know our goal. We take engineering degree and get job in sales and we are bound to do that and gradually that becomes our profession and finally we are compelled to make it our passion.We have to hunt the hidden talent of a child and accordingly have to shape the FUTURE. It is not impossible but it will take time. Lets unite and help our youngsters to shape a bright future of their passion !!!
  • Hasan Reza Kifayti I am self a Undergraduate Student. 
    This Year a large part of boys have taken admission in engineering.

    Everyday everyday they used to complain about their frustrated routine.

    Just because they are forced to follow the Trend they are unable to find who are they Inside.

    Everyday they are Making Jokes of Themselves in Facebook such a Frustrated way that you cant resist.

    Have you visited the Page 'Mera Beta Engineer Bnega Joke of The Day'
    Monday at 5:34pm via mobile · Unlike · 1
  • Zubair Alam See TOI, dt.08.10.2012, hundreds of institutions imparting engineering and technical (MBA) education closed down due to the above reason.
  • Amim Ahmad @hasan Reza : May be there are some cases of forcing to choose a career..that force may be from Parent, society , Friends bla bla. My point is just to know about " INSIDE". I agree there are lot of people enrolling every year in engineering and they are getting jobs somehow earlier than the simple graduates but if you are not interested in engineering than you have no right at all to reflect it after 4 years.We need more Awareness of Education in the family that will help producing Engineers rather than Frustrated Engineers. Facebook is not a tool to judge the frustration level of engineers or doctors or sales executives etc... . May be its a new way to make fun-:) . Again in the end i will strongly ask every deserving body to be a mentor for the coming generation to produce more Mentors and rest leave on Allah ..he is the great Rahbar & Raziq !!!
  • Md Mudassir Alam Amim Ahmad plz pardon typo error....
  • Shahid Sdsd absolutely right as mention as above ponts for MBA and B.TECH passed from some private institutions
  • Shahzeb Mohammed Danish Md Mudassir Alam You have raised a very important issue...I don't know, how can we have reservation for teachers in a central university...SC Teachers, ST Teachers and OBC Teachers ka agar criteria raha to yahi hoga na...
    Monday at 11:39pm via mobile · Unlike · 1
  • Hasan Reza Kifayti @Amim sb
    You are Right Brother That they are Getting Jobs Earlier Than The Plain Graduates.

    But Have You Noticed That How Much Money They are Already Investing Finally To Get That Platform a Lacs. of Rupees they Somehow Manage buy Selling Their old assets.

    I know There are Millions of Engineer In India but The Demand for a Good Engineer in Technical Sector are still High in Demand.

    But I will Come To The Point and The main Thing I want To Tell all of The Future Engineers That If You Have not The Potential Then you must not Choose Engineering as a Career.

    It seems Like You are also a Engineer Than I m Sure You that u Know What Is The Future of Good Engineer.

    And I Think The Social Networks are not The Tools for Checking heights Of Frustrations actually its Defines what is True.

    There are 6 Qualified Engineers are Working with me In a B.P.O Just for Their Accommodations and for Maintaining Their Daily Expenditures.

    Three of Them are from G.N.I.T and 2 from Galgotia's.

    Living Their Life In Shifts after all Having a Degree of Engineering.
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  • Hasan Reza Kifayti As Well everyone Must Know This Thing That Engineering or M.B.A are no More Degree Holding Courses.

    If Can Handle or If you Are Interested Than you must Choose if You Can utilize it In Your way.

    Rather Than 'Aaj Bhi Kaafi Log Hai Jo Apne Gaon Mein apne Degree Ko Bhunakar Kaafi Sahejta Btor Rahe Hain aur Dahej Bhi'

    sorry as if Being a Junior I have Talked So Much.

    Thank you :-)
    Monday at 11:58pm via mobile · Unlike · 1
  • Md Mudassir Alam This is a debatable topic, Insha Allah will share my views through an article. This needs urgent attenion of all....
  • Hasan Reza Kifayti Yes Sure I will Love To Express my View In This Topic -
  • Amim Ahmad @hasan Reza : Hasan bhai , This not a debate only about ENGINEERS and Non-ENGINEERS--
    Let me filter you with your draft ..."If You Have not The Potential Then you must not Choose Engineering as a Career." 
    this is what i want to say....Who is going to help us to recognize that body is there to Spend money thoughtlessly but who stands there to direct their thought in a right direction.
    You right , I am too an engineer by degree and a Recruiter by Profession and i have a great future and interest in this . An engineer can work in a BPO , KPO , IT or non IT etc and can have surly a career.
    You are seeing few engineers who doesn't want to run in the race. 
    This is a very competitive world where seekers are more than the resource.
    we need to improve the interest and scope of degrees among students and need to prepare them for the practical World and this is the Job of Schools , institutions , Universities etc. 
    So the discussion was to improve the QUALITY of students rather than making only money from them. I have started taking an awareness class every Sunday in a coaching center in ShaheenBagh for school Students(8-12th Standard) just to figure out there hidden potential. We have to come forward and that demands attention!!!!!
  • Shahzeb Mohammed Danish Mr. Amim Ahmad: I guess you understand the problem very well. And congratulations for your endeavour. I would be happy, if I could be of some assistance in your endeavour. All the best. God bless you.
  • Hasan Reza Kifayti I agree with you Brother 100% There must be someone to findout the Hidden Talents.

    And There Must Be Someone Who Can Show The Right Path.

    Before Three Years When I was In 10th Standard i was also an aimless Cause I know Thats Not The Age When Everyone Knows Perfectly What To Do Further.

    But after Coming Patna I found Manything and Made a Action Plan as for my Further Plannings.

    But me as well as Many Students are Still In Great Confusion What To Do Next.

    So If Seniors Like You Will Act as Mentor For Us Then it will Proved be a Good Dialect.

    In Lack of someone with whom they Can Discuss Their Career Opportunities they used to visit The Admission Counsellors,
    and The Counsellors make fool of Them by Admitting Them In the Low waist Colleges as They Get Their Commission From Their.
  • Amim Ahmad Hasan Reza : Agreed !!! Lets all come forward to help our brothers and sisters to make their Goal crystal Clear !!!!!
  • Amim Ahmad Shahzeb Mohammed Danish : Thanks Dude ..Long way to go..will surely meet you to take your assistance.
  • Hasan Reza Kifayti Yes Sure !

    But You You Have Mentioned above Someone Else.
  • Amim Ahmad @hasan Reza Kifayti : Sorry for the goof up....Wrongly mark to different Hasan :-)
  • Lalitendra Bhartiya yahi haqikat hai sir, aur log kahte hai job nahi mil rahi... manta hu ki job ki hi kami hai... but usase kahi zyada deserving candidate ki kami hai....
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